Markets & Channels


With 33 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, the possibilities are endless. Whether in department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies or specialty stores, we are here to provide growth opportunities across all channels, and we can help align your brands with the channels and locations that maximize your performance.  


Travel retail offers global presence for your brands. As air travel continues its long-term growth, the possibilities for retail are also expanding, increasing the airport window for brands in the travel retail sector. There are also opportunities in land and sea travel- Border stores, cruises, ferries and diplomatic business. Travel retail channels offer an amazing volume and concentration of consumers eager to discover the world’s most exciting brands, and we can help showcase yours.

InterGlob Services covers different distribution channels helping to get your brand on the map


Airport shops offer a unique “showcase” that reaches a concentrated global consumer audience 365 days a year. As a result, brands on this channel compete most fiercely for a presence to do business and invest to support their global branding strategies. 


Inflight shopping can be pre-ordered or purchased on-board, either via digital entertainment or printed catalogues. Airlines have very limited space on board and severely restrict the range of products that can be sold or consumed on board.


Cruise ships offer the opportunity to shop on the high seas and at the same time travel internationally from port to port, allowing passengers to take advantage of the long journey times to repeatedly explore the offerings of the Travel Retail. A channel with a strong growth trajectory, especially due to the increasing attraction of younger travelers. Shopping onboard is tax and duty free.


As the border duty-free business in North and South America becomes increasingly sophisticated, this channel offers a number of important business opportunities. Consumers can shop at duty-free stores without paying tax when they cross the border. Duty-free goods are intended for “export” only and must be taken from the country where they were purchased.


Diplomats worldwide can buy duty free, regardless of whether they work for embassies, consulates, the UN or any similar organization. This is a relatively small and complex channel, but it is a vital market for many brands.